It’s my first attempt making homemade Bread Rolls

I found this recipe on Facebook by : princess mercy yusuf


Flour: 500grams (4 cups)

Sugar: 90grams (1/3 cup or 6tbs)

Butter: 90grams (7 tbs)

Dry Yeast: 1 tablespoon (tbs)

Powdered Milk: 2 tbs

Salt: 1 tea spoon

Egg: 1

Warm water: 1 cup


Dissolve powdered milk in 1 cup of warm water, add yeast, a tbs of sugar…mix then cover for 10minutes.

After 10 minutes, transfer into a bigger bowl…add egg, the remaining sugar, salt, flour and mix well with both hands.

Mix for a while then add butter and continue mixing.
*Transfer unto a flat surface and knead continuously for 20 minutes until smooth.

When it’s smooth enough, cut into small pieces with a knife then transfer into a pan that’s already greased with butter.

Cover and keep in a warm place for about 1hr until it rises and double in size.

Preheat your oven for 5 minutes then bake @ 350°F/175°C for 20 – 25 minutes or Preheat your Gas/stove for 5 minutes, then transfer the pan into a pot with stones and bake under low heat for 20- 25minutes.

Remove and oil the surface with melted butter to make it soft.
*Serve and enjoy your meal??


– It’s my first attempt making home made bread
– The top wasn’t brown enough for me after removing it so i had to turn it upside down and bake for just 3 minutes.
– Tbs is tablespoon