How to Choose the Best Homestead Animals

How to Choose the Best Homestead Animals

Farm animals and homesteading go hand in hand. But how do you know which animals to start with and when it is time to add more?

How do you choose animals without overwhelming yourself and your resources?

First, you need to figure out your why.

Why do we want to add animals to our homestead?

Farm animals are cute, but they are also extra responsibility and money. So before you grab the first cute chicks you see at the feed store, think about why you want them on your homestead.

Do you want to butcher your animals? This will determine what breeds you should get and how you will shelter and feed them.

Do you want your animals to be productive or just for show?

Are you already familiar with how to take care of them or are you learning for the first time?

Answering these questions honestly and understanding your “why” behind raising animals on your homestead can help you avoid trouble and heartbreak in the future.

What to consider before getting homestead animals?

Am I allowed to have animals where I live?

How much room do you have?

Do you go out of town often?

Will they produce something useful?

Can they be eaten?

Are they adapted to my climate?