5 Facts About Raising Chickens Not Found in Books

Raising chickens at home is a distinctive hobby for many pet lovers, either on their farms or in the backyard. If you like pets, especially chickens, you have thought about raising them at home before, at first sight, you might see them easy and fun, but raising chickens actually requires continuous learning and tribal knowledge.

Here are things about raising chickens you need to know after buying it


This is so weird

You may be shocked to know this But thّis is the truth , chicken feed on meat, it’s very beneficial to them and also they love it
This does not mean that you have to feed them the meat only. You must mix it with grains or buy it from shops specialized in selling pet food.


In my first experience with raising chickens in the yard, it didn’t take a month to turn into a clay stain filled with chicken waste and an unpleasant smell.
One of the mistakes I made that I don’t want you to make is to leave the chicken in the garden all day chickens scratch at everything, and if they have a little space, they will destroy it .

So the solution is to buil them a small houses Or make a fence in the yard


Sometimes chicken can turns from pets into aggressive animals, depending on his mood. This could lead to losing control and attacking colleagues. I talk about biting, pulling feathers, screaming and scratching, sometimes it might attack its owner.
So you should be careful if you have this type of chicken and it is best to isolate it from others


Some people may consider chickens stupid, but in reality they are an artist in flight
If your garden wall is short, it will not be a day or two, and you will not find any one. When they feel that they are trapped somewhere, they may seek to escape as they are able to fly.

So, its escape means two things. Either you get lost and you will not be able to find it, or the cats will eat it.